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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Our little adventurer... I don't know if you can tell by the pic but she is shaking this musical toy and loves it. And her new sitting position is so funny.
Jenny and I went to Houston for a very short trip last week and got the chance to hang out with kristen and her boys. We have found lately that Everly LOVES dogs.(and no this doesn't mean we're getting one!) But she chased poor Angel around the house and pulled her tail when Everly caught up with her. Besides the dog, she really enjoyed spending time with her boy cousins. Kristen would've liked to keep Ev a few more days if i let her! ha. Her and max(only 14 months apart) are getting to an age where they can play together. This makes me happy.

This is a sight to be seen quite often. We don't let her watch tv all the time but between shows on noggin moose a. moose comes on! And Everly loves him! Sometimes she stops dead in her tracks and turns to see him.

Everly meets Kellen! And she showed her affection by squealing and trying to grab him. ha. That's her normal behavior but one day(too soon i bet) they'll be playing with each other! He's such a cutie. I think he's waving at me!

Everly is such a happy baby!

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